We are Sum Total.

A full digital solutions provider offering solutions across mobile and web.

About us

"Solutions that drive success."

SUM TOTAL is a full solutions provider offering solutions across mobile and web. We partner with forward thinking companies to develop market ready solutions from start to finish.

  • Mission - Help you achieve successful outcomes with measurable results.
  • Expertise - 20+ years experience in Design, Technology and Strategy
  • Clients - We work with Startups, Small Businesses and Corporate clients

We helped Reachstreet launch a mobile social game that allowed people to learn more about their social networks

Development Services

SUM TOTAL partners with Startups, Small Businesses and Enterprises to develop solutions that best positions their company for success.

iOS & Android

We develop awesome experiences on iOS and Android through iterative approaches.

Web Development

From splash pages to entire systems and content management systems, we work with clients to develop robust web applications usable across all platforms using responsive design.

Solution Architecture

At the core of our solutions are a deep passion and attention to creating a solution that stands the test of time. We'll develop a solution for you that is custom to your problem.

Quality Assurance

We test our solutions from start to finish to ensure that your users, your customers and your end product is working the way it should.

Design and Strategy Services

Our Design and Strategy services help companies put a face to their solutions and help implement a sound and well executed business strategy in order to bring to-market.
Trust SUM TOTAL to be with you every part of the way to ensure quality, usability and design is baked into to your core solution.


UI/UX, graphic design, and creative direction are services that set us apart from other companies.

Go-To Market

Market dynamics change quickly. Let us help you position yourselves for new product launches.


Behind every success is a well planned strategy. Let us help you work on your strategy & success plan.

Some of our Clients

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Get in touch! We love working with startups, small-business and enterprises to help them deliver their goals. Have a project that you need help with? Awesome! Please use the contact form below to contact us or send an e-mail to hello@sumtotalinc.com